This new year, let's make our dreams happen!

We start by talking to this amazing woman - mother, wife, business owner, and creator of fashion blog Oliamoda -  about what it is to live her dream and be a woman in control. 


Zuria Halter Top,  Brea Pencil Skirt (AW17) | Manhattan Tote Bag 


Tell us about yourself -  

I am originally from Moscow Russia. I moved to US in 2003 with one suitcase and many dreams. I worked in every aspect of hospitality as I earned my second degree in Advertising at AAU. While working in hospitality I met my husband, Andy, with whom I opened our first restaurant together, Skool San Francisco. We have been in business for six years and are a few weeks from opening our second location in downtown Sacramento. My desire for fashion has always been present and influenced by my European background and worldly travels. My passion and entrepreneurial background led to the creation of my fashion blog, Oliamoda, which is rapidly gaining steam. On this blog I share my outfits, current trends and hopefully inspire other women.

Reversible Jacket   |   Tara Clutch   | Zuria Halter Top (fully reversible AW17)

Reversible Jacket | Tara Clutch | Zuria Halter Top (fully reversible AW17)


What does being a woman in control mean to you? 

A woman in control defines a woman who has a clear vision of her dream and does everything in her power to achieve it. She is driven, persistent, confident and educated. A woman in control owns her destiny; she knows what she wants and appreciates what she has.

Zuria Halter Top,  Brea Pencil Skirt (AW17) |  Manhattan Tote Bag  

Zuria Halter Top,  Brea Pencil Skirt (AW17) | Manhattan Tote Bag 

What inspired you to chose your career? And what continues to drive you?  

My career is entrepreneurship. I love to wear numerous hats. The diversity of my daily tasks, the workload, the excitement of a new project, love for people, new relationships as well as the love of working side by side with my husband are the driving force behind running restaurants and taking risks. Fashion is my passion. It makes me happy. I love inspiring others with an idea for an outfit or a look they otherwise might not think of or be too intimidated to pull off.

Zuria Halter Top | Brea Pencil Skirt (AW17)

Zuria Halter Top | Brea Pencil Skirt (AW17)


Gavin Sweatshirt | Zuria Halter Top | Tara Clutch

Photography by Michael Moore

If you could say one thing to a young girl encouraging her to be a woman in control, what would you say? 

Believe in yourself. 


What are some of your favorite aspects of the LIA LARREA brand?

I love the edginess of her designs. The lines, the materials and the diversity of each piece. Lia's designs represent and go hand in hand with my style and personality.


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