When she's not writing about the latest Japanese trends + international styles on her culture and fashion blog JPinsider, Marika is motivating and helping to manage a team of software engineers at one of San Francisco's hottest tech companies. 

She's part fashion blogger, part "Girl in Tech" and ALL Woman In Control. Let's get to know Marika!

AW16 Zuria HalterTop & Brea Pencil Skirt (Reversible/Water Resistant) 

AW16 Zuria HalterTop & Brea Pencil Skirt (Reversible/Water Resistant)   , Aish Envelope Bag

AW16 Zuria HalterTop & Brea Pencil Skirt (Reversible/Water Resistant) , Aish Envelope Bag

AW16 Zuria HalterTop & Brea Pencil Skirt (Reversible/Water Resistant) , Aish Envelope Bag


Tell us about yourself!

Many people I meet say, "Wow, you don't have a Japanese accent!" I was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan and went to an International school. I then moved to Boston to pursue my dream to work in tech. Living in Japan, it’s hard not to get inspired by technology. After being an Engineer and UX Designer, I am now a Engineering Program Manager. I'm passionate, energetic and very curious about beauty.


What inspired you to chose your career? And what continues to drive you? 

Take a step into Japan and you'll quickly realize that it’s all about creating the best customer experience. My father is also an "early adopter" of technology. I grew up with all the newest gadgets. However studying Computer Science in college was tough. Add the culture shock of moving to the US and you get a sad little girl. I didn’t give up though. Passion kept me going.


What does being a woman in control mean to you?

Life is too short to be afraid to try something you are curious about. A woman in control to me is somebody who never gives up. She loves to constantly learn and improve herself, even if she’s satisfied. She's passionate and has goals. Once she achieves one, she keeps going...Cause this world is too crazy to settle, right?


AW16 Zuria HalterTop & Brea Pencil Skirt (Reversible/Water Resistant), Tara Clutch

AW16 Zuria HalterTop & Brea Pencil Skirt (Reversible/Water Resistant), Tara Clutch


What are some of your favorite aspects of the LIA LARREA brand?

It was all love at first sight. Lia's clothes are simple, beautiful and yes, definitely versatile. When I heard that I could spill wine on her new collection and it'd be fine, I was astonished. It's high fashion made for women like me. The shape and use of lines in her collections are complimentary to every woman's shape. It shows off all our individual curves. Her designs are feminine, clean and cool. It's "kakkoii" in Japanese.


If you could say one thing to a young girl encouraging her to be a woman in control, what would you say? 
The world is made up of so many people. You don't live alone. As a girl I was super shy - I could never talk to a stranger. However, I've realized that my interaction with other people usually becomes the source of my inspiration & motivation. Life is too short to be worried or afraid. Explore, engage and try as many different things as you can. Ask questions. Be thankful. Show your emotions, because we're human after all.

Convertible Skirt Cape (Reversible/Water Resistant)

Convertible Skirt Cape (Reversible/Water Resistant)


Photography by Quincy Stamper 

Edited by Ashley Tateo

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