About the Designer

Larrea’s mission is to build a fashion brand for the modern woman by telling a timeless story through innovative vision and design‭. ‬Her‭ ‬pieces have been recognized for their versatility‭, ‬wearability and quality‭, ‬while accentuating a woman’s silhouette‭.  ‬

Lia has been featured in various publications such as‭  ‬The San Francisco Chronicle‭, ‬FG‭, ‬Front Row and SOMA magazine‭. ‬She was invited to be part of the first fashion platform in Ecuador‭, ‬“Runway by Modalab”‭, ‬gaining a strong following in South America‭. ‬The intriguing aesthetic in Larrea’s line is the combination of her Ecuadorian background and her American lifestyle‭. ‬

Lia attended the Art Institute of California in San Francisco‭, ‬where she was a part of the President’s List and honored with awards for her illustration‭, ‬design concept and graduate collection‭. ‬Shortly after graduation‭, ‬she was recruited directly out of fashion school to work both as a‭ ‬designer and‭  ‬merchandiser‭, ‬later becoming part of the Macy’s Fashion Incubator and launching her own independent brand‭.‬